MHEC, established in 1977, is a non-profit group purchasing consortium serving other non-profit organizations that have an educational component (such as cities and towns, K-12 schools, higher education institutions, libraries, and other organizations ) in New England. We develop ready-to-use contracts that are sourced using a fair, open and competitive process allowing members to avoid the complex and time-consuming process of developing and bidding out contracts. 

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MHEC ready-to-use contracts 

  • Competitive discounts: Contract pricing is benchmarked annually to ensure competitive discounts. 
  • Up-to-date contracts: Our 50+ contracts are developed, bid and managed by MHEC SSMs allowing us to maintain accuracy and reliability across 16 product/service categories offered by over 500+ suppliers, from local-to-global. 
  • Expertise matters: Our strategic sourcing managers (SSMs) are trained to conduct a fair, open and competitive public bidding process. Click here to view a list of our staff. 
  • Regional coverage: MHEC ready-to-use contracts are created by MHEC strategic sourcing managers (SSMs) who research what our New England members need, then develop, bid, and manage the contract through its entire lifecycle. 
  • Meeting diversity goals: MHEC contracts are sourced, whenever possible, by diverse suppliers. Our list of diverse suppliers is easily located on our website. Click here to view a list that identifies our diverse suppliers by contract. (This list will also include small businesses.) 
  • Finding your solution: Our on-line search tool provides easy access to our over 25,000 brands and services allowing members to refine their search by product category, brand, supplier or contract. Click here to search our contracts using our online tool.