MHEC recognizes the importance of the contributions that member-advisors make in support of our members’ procurement decisions! MHEC invites architects, designers, specifiers, and OPMs to join us! We provide access to ready-to-use contracts for those who are advising MHEC member organizations on their purchasing decisions, which is why we call you “member-advisors”. Member-advisors are also invited to participate in MHEC events (like EXPO, our annual tradeshow!) and educational opportunities.

It’s FREE and easy to register!

Accessing mhec contracts

  1. At the top navigation menu, click on the “search contracts” button to go to the online search tool.
  2. Click on any of the drop-downs to filter your search criteria, by contract, vendor, brand or category.
  3. Best practice is to continue to narrow your search results by filtering with as many drop down options as possible
  4. Select the search button at bottom of the drop downs to display your results.

Did not find what you were looking for, contact our customer support at servicedesk@mhec.net or call 413-GET-MHEC.