MHEC’s membership includes any New England not-for-profit that includes some kind of educational component. That’s a broad umbrella. While the bulk of our membership is made up of schools, libraries, and municipalities, we include many other kinds of groups. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Afterschool programs 
  • Early learning centers
  • Environmental organizations
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Historical societies
  • Housing authorities
  • Museums
  • Senior centers
  • State and local commissions

MHEC’s mission is to make purchasing simpler and more affordable for all our New England educator members. Our more than 50 contracts include thousands of products and services that support learning in all its many shapes and sizes; all at discounted prices and available immediately, without requiring a bidding process. 

Our contracts include everything from office supplies to upgrading your heating and cooling systems. We have contracts to support events, stock your bookshelves, provide uniforms, lay down flooring, upgrade windows, and make your buildings safer and more comfortable.

To learn more about how to take advantage of all MHEC has to offer, please see our page, “How to use our contracts.”


Organizations can apply for membership for free by submitting an application. Once approved, staff from member organizations can then apply for a website login to access our full website. Membership and a website login will give you access to:

  • our contract search tool for reviewing every detail of our contracts
  • i-buy marketplace™ our web-based shopping tool
  • 1st Monday, our monthly member news digest