MHEC serves more than 2,500 not-for-profit member organizations across New England, including municipalities, schools, and libraries. Each year, we help thousands of customers buy products and services that serve millions of New Englanders. Our members depend on us, because MHEC makes purchasing simpler for them every day.

The key is our portfolio of contracts.

To be on an MHEC contract, suppliers must go through a public, fair, open, and competitive bidding process that complies with the statutes of the Massachusetts procurement laws. The rigorous process our strategic sourcing managers follow serves as a baseline that works within all six New England states. This enables our members to purchase confidently from MHEC vetted suppliers, avoiding an often time-consuming bidding process.

As an added incentive to use our contracted suppliers, products and services are offered to our members at a discount.

If you’re new to MHEC and purchasing consortiums, our supplier toolkit (pdf) is an excellent place to start. The publication details how our relationship with members and suppliers works, marketing opportunities for suppliers, and the MHEC Supplier Code of Conduct.

Interested in working with MHEC? We post and manage our bidding process with Bid Express. Signing up via our Bidder Registration page provides suppliers a way to be notified when opportunities arise, our schedule of upcoming contract bids, and a FAQ for more information. There is no cost for this service to suppliers; MHEC has prepaid the fee on behalf of its bidders.

Finally, for help with all aspects of registering with Bid Express, finding and selecting bids, and managing the process, we have a collection of videos available on our Training page.