- 2015 -

What instructions should I give to a vendor who is interested in participating in the bid process?

MHEC regularly receives inquiries from organizations interested in doing business with MHEC members. There is a process for businesses interested in learning more about MHEC and being notified of bid opportunities when they are available. Please refer any interested businesses to our website, www.mhec.net, where businesses can click on the “Suppliers” tab, select “Supplier Registration” and submit an “Interested Bidder Registration Form”. Please note that completing and submitting this form does not mean that the business is on an MHEC contract – submitting the form enters the business into our database. The business will then start receiving regular updates from MHEC including notifications of bid opportunities. A business must submit a response to a formal bid and be awarded a contract in order to do sell products and services to MHEC members.