The MHEC represents over 1,250 member organizations throughout New England

The MHEC is pleased to offer associate membership at no cost to the following organizations in New England:

  • Non-Profit Public and Private Institutions of Higher Education
  • Non-Profit Technical, Charter, and Vocational Schools
  • Municipalities, Elementary and Secondary Schools and Libraries
  • Non-Profit Preparatory Schools
  • Non-Profit Educational Organizations

Over 55 contracts awarded to multiple suppliers, which equals over 500 supplier contracts

The MHEC has 85 charter members

Over 650 suppliers, including global, national, regional and small, minority and women-owned businesses

Has over 4,000 brands on contract

Has over 26,000 products on contract

Working together for higher education and educational organizations since 1977

We provide a greater marketplace for local businesses

We represent one of the many tools in the procurement professional’s tool kit

We provide accountability and audit tracking

We provide annual contract volume reporting which includes tracking:

  • small organizations
  • minority institutions
  • women-owned organizations
  • disadvantaged institutions
  • prison industries

Member of NAEB-NE

Non-profit 501(c)(3)

Most staff are MCPPO, NAEB-NE, NEMA, MASBO, MANAHRO designated

Member of MAPPO

All MHEC IFB’s are publically bid with Chapter 30B as standard

The MHEC has developed some contracts in collaboration with:

  • Massachusetts OSD (Operational Services Division)
  • HCOG (Hampshire Council of Governments)
  • MLS (Massachusetts Library System)

If you are a qualifying institution and are interested in joining,
please click to fill out an online membership application form:

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium

c/o University of Massachusetts Amherst
100 University Drive, Suite 1
Amherst, Massachusetts 01002