Pre-qualification & Bid Process

Click here for electronic PDF Version of Vendor Pre-qualification Form


Question 1:

Is there a cost associated with becoming a pre-qualified bidder?

Answer: No the MHEC will e-mail an electronic copy of the bid documents to the bid contact specified on your pre-qualification form. The bid schedule will be posted on our web site at:

Question 2:

What is the procedure for becoming a pre-qualified bidder for MHEC contracts?


Review the contracts list to see if there is one that matches your product lines: Click Here.  You must now send in information to pre-qualify with the MHEC.  The MHEC requires you to have certain information on file with us. This information must be submitted, just once, to the MHEC on your company letterhead in original copy.

Address the letter to:

Vendor Prequalification Contract (Indicate Contract#)
505 East Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003

The following information must be provided in the pre-qualification documentation:  Click to view pre-qualification form

· Contract Name and Number you are interested in bidding on. See list of Contracts on Web page

· Company Name (if changed within the last twelve months, include former name)

· Address (if changed within the last twelve months, include former name)

· Year Established?

· How long at this address?

· FEI number (company social security number, federal identification) as entered on a W-9 form.

· CEO/Chairman/President name

· CEO/Chairman/President phone number, fax number and email address

· Parent Company/Headquarters name and address (if applicable)

· Branch location addresses (if applicable)

· Number of Employees

· Annual sales

· Have you been on our bidders’ list in the past?

· Corporate Officers or Owners and how they can be contacted

· Telephone Number

· FAX Number

· Email address

· Name of Individual to whom bid should be mailed

· List states you are able to service if awarded

· List states where you have a presence, with full contact information for each site

· Overview of brands you are authorized to sell and service in the those geographic areas listed above, to the Education Marketplace

Question 3:

After I pre-qualify, will I automatically be issued a contract?


No. Pre-qualification is only initial approval to bid products or services included under MHEC contracts.  A list of upcoming bids for MHEC contracts can be found by clicking here. Typically contracts are bid every 3-5 years.  Once bids are submitted, all vendor offers are publicly reviewed then analyzed for competitive pricing to determine which products/services (if any) merit the award of a contract.

Question 4:

Can I download/view a bid online?


Yes, contact the MHEC at 413-545-4669.

Question 5:

Does this prequalification allow me to sell to the membership?

Answer: No, it is a competitive bid process so you must win an awarded contract.

Question 6:

Is the MHEC the same as State Purchasing?

Answer: No, we are a separate and distinct group purchasing organization – not to be confused with state purchasing contracts issued by the Operational Services Division in Boston, MA.

Question 7:

How is the MHEC bid structured; are there written specifications?

Answer: With a few exceptions, the MHEC bid form does not include written specifications that the bidder must abide by. We prefer that you bid:

* Complete product lines (that your company is authorized to sell and service. You must be authorized by the manufacturer to sell and service in the education marketplace).
* At a discount (include price lists with bid submission) or markup (include cost sheets with bid submission)
* FOB destination
* Free shipping
* Follow directions on the bid form exactly

Question 8:

After responding to a bid, will I be notified of bid results?

Answer: MHEC terms state that only awarded vendors will be notified. However, you may contact the MHEC for bid results.

Question 9:

How will I know what dollar volume to expect from any awarded contract?

Answer: The MHEC does not guarantee any dollar volume commitment since use of the contracts is not mandatory. However, all bid specifications list the total dollar volume done over the prior fiscal year of the contract with all vendors on that contract.

Question 10:

Should I be awarded a contract, how will the members know my products/services are available?

Answer: The MHEC posts all contracts on our web site, to which all members have access. We publish up to our site daily. New contract awards are also discussed at quarterly member meetings. The successful bidder receives a copy of their company’s award.

Question 11:

How do I contact the members should I be awarded a contract?

Answer: You will receive a mailing list containing all necessary information to contact each individual member's purchasing department. This list is available electronically if you have paid the annual fee. If you choose not to pay the added fee, you will receive a hard copy of the list along with your portion of the contract.

Question 12:

How are MHEC contracts structured?

Answer: Since the MHEC contracts are for one, two, or three-year terms, most contracts are based on a discount off list price or a markup over dealer net costs. This allows for changes in list/dealer prices based on changes in exchange rates and/or raw material price changes. It also allows for changes in models available at current prices.

Question 13:

If my company is awarded a contract can I add brands to the contract?

Answer: No. The bids are analyzed and awarded based on best range of pricing for the brand throughout our membership area. Therefore, a new brand cannot be added during the term of the contract. You may add a new model within a brand that you were awarded for, however, by providing the MHEC with pertinent information about the new model.

Question 14:

What happens if I use my contract as “a starting point?”

Answer: If the MHEC determines that you are not honoring the contract as awarded, you will be removed from the bid list for one year.

Question 15:

What happens if I offer a brand to the membership that I have not been awarded?

Answer: If you misrepresent your company’s award to the membership you will be removed from the bid list.

Question 16:

Does the MHEC accept membership from colleges and universities in other states?

Answer: Yes, We have marketed our services to other states and we expect membership to grow over the next few years.

Question 17:

Can I add additional states or regions after I am awarded a contract?

Answer: Yes. You must notify the MHEC in writing.

Click here for electronic PDF Version of Vendor Pre-qualification Form