New Vendor/Supplier Interest

Steps to becoming an MHEC Supply Partner

1.      Prequalification - Vendors interested in responding to MHEC bids must first pre-qualify and register  to receive bid documents.  Note prequalification submission does not automatically designate you as a contracted supplier.  You must first respond to a bid and be awarded as a contracted supply partner.  See MHEC Bid below.

2.      MHEC Bid – MHEC Bids for various categories are issued every 2-5 years.  Please view the bid schedule on our website for approximate Post Dates.  Note that Post Dates are subject to change based on renewal options of each contract.   It is often mistaken that prequalifying for an MHEC bid puts you on a bid list with a school.  This is not true.   It only prequalifies potential suppliers to receive an MHEC bid. 

3.      MHEC Contracts – The MHEC awards one contract to either multiple or single supply partners based on the needs of the membership.  Members have the option to use the MHEC awarded contract.  All MHEC contracts are bid through a public bidding process consistent with MA Chapter 30B.

Thank you for your interest in the MHEC.  Please contact the MHEC at 413-545-4669 or e-mail with further questions.