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Bid Express

Welcome to the MHEC Bid Express Postings page. MHEC contracted supply partners and future bidders, please click here to view important information about the Bid Express registration process.

The MHEC posts bids online via Bid Express. This secure Internet bidding portal provides interested bidders the ability to download, complete and submit their bids online. This new process is intended to assist bidders to submit their bids on time and with all the required documentation, therefore limiting the risk of disqualification.

In order to utilize this tool and bid on one of our solicitations, you must first register with Bid Express. As part of registration, you must also create a digital ID. The creation of the digital ID requires individuals to mail in a notarized signature prior to bid submission. This process can take up to two weeks, plan accordingly. Bidders are able to work on their offer during this time but cannot submit their offer until notarized signatures are received by Bid Express.

There is no cost for suppliers to respond to MHEC bids. The MHEC has prepaid the $25 pay as you go fee on behalf of its suppliers for all MHEC bids with Bid Express.

Bid Express Registration Instructions:

Quick Start Guide: Click here
FAQ for Suppliers: Click here
Supplier Registration and Training Guide: Click here


Installing the Express Sign Tool: Click here
Bid Express Sign Tool Technical Assistance: Click here

About Bid Express:

Bid Express FAQs: Click here
Bid Express Resource Page: Click here
How to Submit a Bid Solicitation Video: Click here


Bid Express Phone: (352) 381-4888 or toll free (888) 352-BIDX (2439) M – F, 7AM – 8PM
Bid Express Email:, 24 hour support